Watercolor Family Portraits - by Nikki

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My name is Nikki, and I am from the lovely city of New York. I've been painting with watercolors since I got a set for my birthday when I was 7 years old, and I've painted over 300 families so far, along with hundreds of other unique paintings. 

Here are a few notes about your family portrait watercolor:

  • Yes, I can combine multiple photos to create a family grouping.
  • We've had a LOT of people purchase portraits and give them as gifts for the recipient to submit photos on their own, and people seem to LOVE the idea. Message us after you order and we'll send you a downloadable voucher / card to be given on your special day!
  • Orders placed today will be shipped in 2-3 weeks. I know, that seems like a long time, but we're working through a back-log right now!
  • Currently there is NOT a way to upload photos during checkout. We'll email you more information about how to upload photos AFTER you place your order.
  • Pets DO count as family members!
  • These are completed using a paintbrush and watercolor paint, and it is NOT a "digital watercolor" that some people offer at discounted prices.
  • You are able to select the following options during checkout:
    • 8x10, 11x14, or 12x16 inch paper - cold pressed, acid free
    • 16x20 inch rolled canvas - Primed and printed canvas, no internal or external frame
    • 16x20 inch canvas wrap - Primed and printed canvas stretched onto a wooden frame
  • Shipping is a FLAT RATE of $1.95, with other options for upgraded shipping

I love to paint and people seem to really like my work! Please keep in mind that your final artwork will be painted in the style you see here. If you're looking for something different from the examples provided, please reach out and let us know. I've done my best to represent my style so look through the example photos to get an idea of what your final product will look like.

One more thing, we ship via USPS, and they do not guarantee delivery times, so we are not able to either! The clock starts on your artwork painting when you submit the photos we need, and I will complete them in the order received. I will work late nights to catch up if I do get behind, and I'll do my best to keep you in the loop the whole time!

** Orders Ship in 2-3 weeks, usually within 16 days!