Photo Upload Form

Photo Upload Form and Custom Portrait Instructions

We're excited to send you a custom portrait based on your photos. Your artist will begin working after we receive what we need from you!

We have a few guidelines when it comes to custom portraits, and if you're able to follow these guidelines, you'll be making it easier for your artist to paint your family as accurately as possible.

Here are the 4 primary guidelines:

  1.   The BEST photos show people grouped together.
    • You're welcome to send multiple photos as most families don't have everyone in the same photo, and that's why a painting is great!
    • However, to give you an example, it would be harder to paint an accurate portrait if you sent 5 individual pictures for 5 individual people. Then we can't really tell relative heights, sizes, skin tones, hair color, etc...
    • Along the same lines, it's hard to have a mix of sitting and standing people, unless you want your final portrait to have the same people sitting or standing. If all we have is a sitting picture, a standing painting is harder to make accurate.

2.   The BEST photos show more than half of your body. Selfies are NOT great for this. Your phone has a photo timer so set it down and take a nice big photo whenever possible!

3.   Sending extra photos "for reference" doesn't usually make things easier for the artist, and it CAN make it more confusing.

    • If you have a picture of people standing, facing forward, and we can see their waist up, then that's all we need!
    • Along the same lines, you know your family a lot better than we do, so make sure to describe who's in the photos. That makes it a lot easier for us to know who is who and then paint them accurately.
    • It can be especially confusing if you send more than one photo to combine that has the same person in multiple photos OR if you have people in a photo that will NOT be included in the final painting. Just put that in the notes so we get it right!

4.   People will be painted wearing the clothes they're wearing in their photos.

    • Artists can change colors or fabric designs, but to use an example, it's more difficult to change someone from wearing pants in a photo to wearing a dress in your painting. Artists generally won't be able to add clothing that we don't have a picture of.

That's pretty much all you need to know, so attach your photos and fill out the form below!

As of right now, any "completion times" that your artist posted on the product description page doesn't start until we have everything we need. If you are not in a rush, then feel free to take as long as you need to find the right photos!